Measurement guide for Solar-Screen sunshades

Customize sunshade roller blinds

1. Tell us which shape you would like.

2. Measure the width of the roller blind.
NB! You only have to give one of the measures. 
NM = Recess measure. The maximum width possible. Please note that the film will be 15 mm narrower in each side.
KM = Cassette measure. If you use this measure, keep in mind that the pegs take up 6 mm in each side.
DM = Film measure, it is recommended that the film is 15 mm wider than the glass pane if possible. Check that there is enough space according to NM above.
3. Then you give us the height HM
4. For a tapered roller blind please give us the bottom frame measure  (BLM) and the intersection height (SHM).



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