Sunshade roller blinds for cabin

For a better working environmnent

Cool in summer - warms in winter

We have all during the summer experienced how the air inside a window is heated by the sun, in e.g. a cab on a forest machine up to 50 degrees and then the physical performance is significantly reduced. With solar protection from Solar-Screen, the radiant heat from the sun is reduced by up to 83%. And with our blinds drawn down on cold days, the heat loss is reduced as much as if an extra glass is fitted.

Reduces reflections & glare

Working and being exposed to pre-reflection and glare is extremely stressful. After a short while you feel how hard it is for the eyes and how much you have to concentrate to be able to see. You get a much more comfortable working environment and your eyes are protected as if you were wearing sunglasses.

Customized to youre cabin

We manufacture the blinds according to your windows for a perfect fit. We can also cut and round curtains. 

We mainly work with sun protection film but can also provide other types of film or cloth. For specific requests please contact us.

Cabin-Screen shades for machines

Cabin-Screen is our smallest curtain and is adapted for mobile work environments like t.e.x. forest machines, trains and smaller boats. It has one maximum width of 150 cm and maximum height of 200 cm with sun protection film.
The blinds have no built-in stops but require external Stop. We have different variants on stops that are adapted for different environments and needs. See below

The blinds have a black aluminum protective cassette and mounted easily & flexibly with 2 brackets.

Examples of solar screens for machine cabins



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