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Whether you’re looking for Solar-Screens and sun protection for your boat, car or house we have something for you. Fill out the contact form to the right to see how we can help you!

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    Solar screen for cabin


    Thanks to Solar Screen’s innovative products you can reduce blinding sunrays, protect yourself against harmful UV-exposure and better regulate the temperature inside your cabin or engine room.

    Solar screen for boat

    Boat & ship

    With Solar Screen’s new products you can reduce heat, glare and UV exposure and maintain visibility and comfort.

    Solar screen for home and buildning

    Home & building

    Thanks to our innovative products you can reduce heat, glare and UV exposure without removing natural light or the views.

    Solar screen for control tower

    Control tower

    With Solar Screen’s sunshades you can reduce glare, regulate temperatures and protect yourself from harmful UV rays. This enables you to create a safe and comfortable working environment for air traffic controllers.