Sunshade roller blinds according to Your measures & wishes

Improve your indoor environment

Cool in summer - 
warm in winter

We have all experienced how hot it gets when the sun's rays warm the air inside a window. in e.g. a cab on a forest machine, the sun can still heat the cabin up to 50 degrees with our sun protection blinds reflecting up to 83% of the radiant heat from the sun. And with our blinds drawn down on cold days, the heat loss is reduced as much as if an extra glass is fitted.

Reduces glare
& reflections

Disturbing Dazzles & reflections in monitors and screens are reduced without disturbing the view. Our sun blinds screen up to 99% of the harmful UV radiation. Your eyes are protected as if you wore sunglasses & sun-sensitive material are given unbeatable protection.

Tailored to your measurements
& requirement

We manufacture the blinds according to your windows for a perfect fit. We can also cut and round the curtains if required. We mainly work with sun protection film but can also provide other types of film or cloth. For specific requests please contact us.

Machine cabin

Boats & ships

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Home & buildings

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